Little Moos for Sale! (click to see)

In 1994 I “bought the farm” and decided to complete my “cow collection”.

Miniature Cattle For 20 or more years I had collected cows, cow paintings, cow dishes, cow ties, cow pillows, cow toys, cow everything except for an actual live cow! So now that I had a farm I was ready to buy a cow. My first cow was Franke, a Brown Swiss dairy breed of cattle. I bought him when he was 3 days old from a Brown Swiss dairy farmer. I asked the farmer to put him in the back of my Volvo station wagon and off we went. I finally had the ultimate piece to my cow collection! Twelve years later Franke (a steer) is still with me but instead of weighing 80 lbs, he weighs 2800 lbs! In spite of his size he is as gentle as a lamb and thinks he is one of the dogs. I bottle fed him from 3-days-old until he was able to eat on his own . He has never had a harsh word or cruel hand laid on him so he knows no fear or aggression towards humans; or any animal for that matter.

The only problem with having a 2800 lb. pet is obviously his size. I often thought “wouldn’t it be great if cows were the size of say, a Golden Retriever?” then people would not be afraid of them and they would realize how sweet and smart they really are, and what great pets they make. One day I was sharing this thought with a friend and she told me that there were such things as miniature cows. Minature Cows! “Wow, what could be better?”, I thought , so I went on a long journey to find what we now call our foundation herd consisting of two bulls and four heifers. We will have baby mini cows to sell so now the other people who love cows can have their own mini-cows. The picture above, is of Franke (the big one) greeting Smitty (the little one), our head bull. If you would like more information on our little guys and girls, or would like to arrange a visit to meet them, please email us at