Welcome to the Little Moo’s Blog

I have been asked by my wife Kris to write a blog for our Little Moo website.
By way of introduction I am Jim Sanders, Kris’ husband and ½ owner of the miniature cows.
We wanted to tell you a little bit about the cows and their surroundings. We have four heifers and two bulls. Smitty is our head bull and also serves as the Union representative for himself as well as the other cows. (The cows are members of Local 710 of the Amalgamated Miniature Cow Union.)
Abe is the other bull, who according to the heifers is more debonair than Smitty, but not as well endowed.
Claire is the lead heifer and bosses the herd around similar to the way Kris herds me.
Claire is the largest of the heifers in weight, but you shouldn’t tell her that to her face.
Thelma is the second largest of the ladies and is so ugly she has been asked to haunt houses for Halloween.
Lulu is a brindle colored heifer who is drop dead gorgeous, all you need to do is ask her and she’ll tell you that herself.
Last, but not least is Ida. She most closely represents the University of Texas mascot.

Ida is the most shy of the herd and like me, is Jewish.
Kris, I and the minis live on a 14 acre farm in southeastern Ohio. In addition to the 6 miniatures, we have 2 dairy cows, 3 barn cats, 12 ducks, 17 dogs, 3 goats, 2 horses, 2 doves, 7 finches, 1 canary, and 1 parrot. The total population is 58 including humans.
We hope to have calves born in 2008. Hopefully we’ll sell them so I can recoup some of the money my wife forced me to invest in this hair-brained scheme of hers.

That is it for now, other than to tell you Smitty has filed a grievance against me for not allowing the cows equal space on this blog.