Exciting News!

We have exciting news from Locust Knoll Farm. Our miniature heifers are pregnant! Ida, Thelma, Claire, and Lulu’s blood tests revealed the girls are moms-to-be. We had been wondering about the recent requests for pickles and ice cream, and now we know why. No sooner than the tests came back, Smitty, our lead boy claimed fatherhood, despite the fact he had competition from fellow bull, Abe.
Smitty wasted no time ordering a box of Cuban cigars ( part of the reason Fidel Castro resigned). We’re expecting the little ones in spring 2008. Lulu has been painting her stall pink in anticipation of a girl. Thelma is bigger than a bus and thinks she’ll have a boy. Ida said” I don’t care if is a boy or a girl, just so I it doesn’t look like that asshole Smitty.” And Claire wants a boy so he can grow up to be a cow astronaut.
The miniature cows weigh around 17 pounds at birth. They’re pregnant for 9 months (sound familiar?) We’ll blog out the birth announcements as they come.