2009 Spring Calves

Our spring calves Valerie and Brandi are enjoying their days in the Wiener yard usually reserved for our 6 daschunds.
We bottle feed them and provide them with hay, water, grain, and grass to graze on.
This doesn’t go over too well with our one wiener Maxine.
She barks and chases them around for a while and encorages them to poop in someone else’s yard.

This doesn’t sit well with our head bull and minitiature cow union Steward Smitty. He’s filed a grievance for harrasment against Maxine and wants a separate facility for the calves.

Meanwhile the bulls are getting frisky with the heifers. Smitty wants a Christmas calf so he’ll have another write off with the IRS for 2009.

Our other bull Abe has been locking horns with Smitty over the beautiful Thelma. Abe says when Thelma is in heat he feels tingly all over. Who could blame him?