Frequently asked questions:

_claire Ida & Claire
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How much space do I need for a minature cow?You should have one to two acres per cow for grazing as well as shelter, fresh water and hay.
Do minature cattle make good pets?:Minature cows make excellent pets if they are bottled feed as calves. They are very docile, affectionate and enjoy the company of humans Due to their small size they are very easy to handle. abe Abe
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_moos_for_you_067 The Gang
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How do minature cows get along with other animals?:Our cows are raised among dogs, cats, horses, goats, ducks and standard size cows. All of our little cows are very calm around all the other animals.
How much do the cows weigh at birth and full grown and what is their height?:The calves weigh approximately 17 pounds at birth and 150 to 250 pounds full grown. The cows range in height from 26 to 36 inches full grown. _moos_for_you_029 Jarell, Smitty & Abe
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lulu LuLu
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What is the cows life expectancy?:A normal cow ( if not slaughtered ) will live 15 – 20 years. The little ones should have about the same life expectancy.
What have the mini cows traditionally been bred to do?Minature cattle were bred as sport animals ( Jr. 4H rodeo in the western states ) and as collectibles i.e. miniature horses, donkeys, goats etc. claire Claire
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_frank Smitty & Franke
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What impression do people usually have when they first hear about your Little moos?:When people first see them they smile, laugh or both. Adults giggle like children. When they hear about them, they usually say “I have never heard of a miniature cow!”
Do you allow people to tour your farm to see the Little Moos?
We do not have farm tours, per say, but if someone is interested in seeing them we are happy to arrange a time for a visit. The cows love visitors because it means they get treats.
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_moos_for_you_095 Jarell & Smitty
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What do you think is so special about the Little Moos?:These miniature cows are special because they offer an opportunity for the hobby farmer to have a “little” bit of Americana on his or her farm. Cows have long been the symbol that we identify with a simpler more quiet time before subdivisions and factory farms. We have all seen paintings of pastoral scenes of cows grazing on the hillside. These little guys offer a small manageable slice of that scene. They are easy to care for and eat 1/6th of what a normal size cow will eat. Because of their small size they are not intimidating and therefore easier to handle which makes them tame and affectionate. They are as sweet as a Golden Retriever and as smart and sometimes smarter than a Golden Retriever.

Do you have miniature cattle for sale?:
Yes, please see our new Spring Calves for Sale in the Photo Section under Nursery. We also sell bottle-fed cattle.

What are the prices for your cattle for sale?:

Where are you located?:
We are in Southwestern Ohio , near Cincinnati, Ohio