A Note from a Satisfied Customer

We have bought two mini-cows from Kris and Jim. Billy, our first guy, is pure joy!! He is so friendly, sweet, and was so easy to halter train. He is my best guy, I look forward to coming home from work and going to the barn for a visit. We got little miss Amelia on Dec.20th 2010. She is something else, little diva of our barn. Her and Bily are the best of friends. I just want to say buying from the Sanders was the best choice. Tim and I have healthy, fun, adorable, happy mini-cows. they are worth every penny. Hopefully in a couple of years we will have our first baby cow to sell. One thing is for sure, the baby will be wonderful!


Sad News

Kris and I are sad to let all of those familiar with Locust Knoll Farm that our beloved Brown Swiss steer Franke passed away on May 22nd. My wife Kris brought Franke home in the back of her Volvo when he was just 3 days old and weighed only 80 pounds. She bottle fed Franke as a calf and watched in amazement as he grew to eventually 2800 pounds!

Everyone that ever came to the farm remembers Franke. Despite his enormous size, he was as gentle an animal as could be. Children could hand feed Franke his favorite treats without fear. It wasn’t uncommon for him to come up and lay his big head on your shoulder. He had an enormous appetite and only refused to eat when he came down with pneumonia a few winters ago. He bounced back to good health to roam our pastures and delight those he came in contact with.

I can remember years ago when I was new to the farm I heard Franke fart, It was not an ordinary breaking of wind because it went on for a good 40 continuous seconds… no kidding! Another episode I remember with Franke was when I got a call while I was checking out at Kroger. Kris received a visit by the sheriff who informed her that Franke and our miniature cows were in a field on Judd Road about a block and a half away. How do you get a 2800 pound steer and six miniature cows to come back home? Very carefully! There I was, feed bucket in hand, leading Franke and his partners in crime down Judd Road to our street Apple Road. What a sight! Traffic stopped, neighbors lined up on their porches, as Franke and his buddies made their way home.

Whenever people came to our farm to visit our miniature cows they all were fascinated with Franke. You simple could not get over his huge size and his loving nature. Franke will be sadly missed by all that knew him. Kris put it best when she said “Franke was the farm”.

Today Franke roams the green pastures of heaven grazing to his heart’s content, and if I know Franke passing a little gas along the way.

2009 Spring Calves

Our spring calves Valerie and Brandi are enjoying their days in the Wiener yard usually reserved for our 6 daschunds.
We bottle feed them and provide them with hay, water, grain, and grass to graze on.
This doesn’t go over too well with our one wiener Maxine.
She barks and chases them around for a while and encorages them to poop in someone else’s yard.

This doesn’t sit well with our head bull and minitiature cow union Steward Smitty. He’s filed a grievance for harrasment against Maxine and wants a separate facility for the calves.

Meanwhile the bulls are getting frisky with the heifers. Smitty wants a Christmas calf so he’ll have another write off with the IRS for 2009.

Our other bull Abe has been locking horns with Smitty over the beautiful Thelma. Abe says when Thelma is in heat he feels tingly all over. Who could blame him?

Mini Moo Mobile Madness with Wiener Touch… Moooove Over Wiener Mobile!

By Beth Reis-Moo
Moo Media Manager

Have you spotted a spotted vehicle driven by a Wiener Moooving on down the road? If so, it is not a Mini Moo mirage. Talk shows and tabloids have been buzzing with rumors this a Wiener Mobile makeover in an attempt to replace the “Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile’s” famous Pork advertising campaign with a healthier Beef theme following a recent negative pork report. Don’t be fooled by these rumors.

Sporting designer Moo-Moo attire, Miss Kris and the Lovely Mr. Sanders (clothing compliments of the Farm Store) are motoring across the country herding herds of Mini Moo’s. They are delivering the Mini Moos to the ever increasing population of cattle crazed “Mini Moo Maniacs” in an attempt to boost their “Save the Cows” campaign.

The “Mini Moo Mobile” is chauffeured by a crew of highly skilled Wieners (none have any connections to Oscar Mayer). The couple, known as Mr. and Mrs. Moo began their pilgrimage after Mrs. Moo kicked the ”Bucket List” off her iPhone “Things” app (found on iTunes for a mere $9.99).

The “Mini Moo Mobile” has been spotted all over the country. Similar to the “Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile”, the “Mini Moo Mobile” is now being tracked on a special web site “I Saw the Mini Moo Mobile Being Driven by a Wiener.com”. It has become quite a phenomenon.

The Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile was recently retired due to a decline in popularity following a report indicating a large number of consumers are suffering side effects from ingesting the pork products. These side effects range from excessive weight gain, a rosacea pink tone to their skin, and last but not least, the desire to squeal and wallow in the mud. Cincinnati, Ohio has been hit in plague proportions earning the nickname of “Porkopolis”. In the Nasty ‘Nati, many have also experienced a strong urge to “Fly”, often competing with fellow Porkers long distances at high speeds.

Many Oscar Mayer consumers have been quoted as saying they wished they had listened to the pleas of their Jewish friends to ban the forbidden “other white meat”.

Oprah and Dr. Phil have signed on as spokespersons. The organization is also in the process of signing on the curley headed child star that became famous for singing the Oscar Mayer jingle in commercials years ago.

Scarlett arrives April 15th

Our first baby miniature calf arrived early in the morning on April 15th. The first heifer to give birth was Ida. Scarlet weighed 37 pounds when she went to the vet six days after her birth.We guessed her weight to be around 22 lbs. at birth. She was about the size of a beagle! Ida has proved to be a good mother, very protective, but very gentle with her first daughter.

Ida wasted no time filing a paternity suit against our head bull and union steward Smitty. It seems Smitty doesn’t want to pay child support for Scarlett and thus far has refused a blood test. Smitty is pointing to our other bull Abe as the father and says that as head of local 710 of the amalgamated Miniature Cow Union he has rights.

Our two other non miniature cows, Franke and Quincy apparently had a bet who would be the first to give birth. It seems Franke suckered the youngster Quincy and won the bet (a bale of hay). Franke offered him a two for one deal giving Quincy Abe and Smitty, while he took Ida .Seems Quincy didn’t realize that Smitty and Abe were bulls.

The three other heifers are due soon. Thelma is bigger tan a bus and appears to be the next one to give birth, but you never know.

Our first baby mini calf was born!


Just to let you know that our first baby mini calf was born this morning – in the mud! We brought her into the house and gave her a bath and then took her back out to her mother. Ida is her mother and is nursing the baby so we are hoping that all is okay in the barn now safe. The vet will be here soon to check her. She weighs about 20 lbs.

Exciting News!

We have exciting news from Locust Knoll Farm. Our miniature heifers are pregnant! Ida, Thelma, Claire, and Lulu’s blood tests revealed the girls are moms-to-be. We had been wondering about the recent requests for pickles and ice cream, and now we know why. No sooner than the tests came back, Smitty, our lead boy claimed fatherhood, despite the fact he had competition from fellow bull, Abe.
Smitty wasted no time ordering a box of Cuban cigars ( part of the reason Fidel Castro resigned). We’re expecting the little ones in spring 2008. Lulu has been painting her stall pink in anticipation of a girl. Thelma is bigger than a bus and thinks she’ll have a boy. Ida said” I don’t care if is a boy or a girl, just so I it doesn’t look like that asshole Smitty.” And Claire wants a boy so he can grow up to be a cow astronaut.
The miniature cows weigh around 17 pounds at birth. They’re pregnant for 9 months (sound familiar?) We’ll blog out the birth announcements as they come.