Scarlett arrives April 15th

Our first baby miniature calf arrived early in the morning on April 15th. The first heifer to give birth was Ida. Scarlet weighed 37 pounds when she went to the vet six days after her birth.We guessed her weight to be around 22 lbs. at birth. She was about the size of a beagle! Ida has proved to be a good mother, very protective, but very gentle with her first daughter.

Ida wasted no time filing a paternity suit against our head bull and union steward Smitty. It seems Smitty doesn’t want to pay child support for Scarlett and thus far has refused a blood test. Smitty is pointing to our other bull Abe as the father and says that as head of local 710 of the amalgamated Miniature Cow Union he has rights.

Our two other non miniature cows, Franke and Quincy apparently had a bet who would be the first to give birth. It seems Franke suckered the youngster Quincy and won the bet (a bale of hay). Franke offered him a two for one deal giving Quincy Abe and Smitty, while he took Ida .Seems Quincy didn’t realize that Smitty and Abe were bulls.

The three other heifers are due soon. Thelma is bigger tan a bus and appears to be the next one to give birth, but you never know.